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In House Laboratory

Same-day diagnostics


Complete Care Animal Hospital is proud to offer a complete in-house laboratory that gives your furry family member access to same-day (often less 30 minutes) diagnostic results for medical testing essential to ongoing health and happiness.

Laboratory tests are an integral part of veterinary diagnostics. They provide our veterinarians with vital information to aid in the diagnosis of many illnesses, including kidney disease, liver disease, infection, anemia, and other serious medical conditions. Our in-house laboratory has the latest diagnostic equipment, which allows us to provide immediate patient evaluation on a variety of tests, including complete blood counts, blood chemistry panels, urinalysis, fecal examinations, fluid and skin analyses, parasite examinations and cytology.

Complete blood count and serum chemistry panels may be recommended to collect baseline values on your pet. These help to establish a “normal” value that can be used as a comparison if your cat or dog becomes ill. Routine blood work is also recommended for patients that are taking long-term medications that may affect their heart, liver, or kidney function over time. Semi-annual blood tests are also beneficial for senior patients as routine lab work aids in the early detection of underlying diseases when they are easiest to treat.

Dr. Rogers also recommends that intestinal parasite tests be performed at each annual pet wellness exam via a fecal evaluation to check for roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, Giardia, and coccidia. A blood test is also used yearly to test for heartworm disease, and lyme disease, erlichia & anaplasma which are tick borne illnesses.

These tests are an inexpensive and quick way to obtain vital information about your pet’s health.