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Spa & Grooming

Keeping it clean


The Spa at Complete Care Animal Hospital

  • The Spa at Complete Care Animal Hospital is where no dog or cat leaves without looking drop dead gorgeous and smelling divine! Dana has over 25 years of professional grooming experience and is truly the best groomer your pet
    will ever have.

  • Regular bathing improves your pet’s physical comfort by removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin, shedding hair, and parasites. Proper coat care prevents matting and other secondary conditions that could compromise your pet’s health.

  • Regular nail trims prevents overgrown nails; and also helps prevent damage to carpets and hardwood floors. This is especially important with older pets.

  • Shaving and cleaning your pet’s paw pads removes hair where mats, burrs, salt and other foreign objects can become lodged.

  • Ear cleaning discourages growth of parasites (ear mites) and bacterial growth that can lead to painful infections.



Our baths include the following:

  • Gentle Massaging Hand wash with lots of TLC !

  • Premium shampoo

  • Ear cleaning

  • Designer Body Spray

  • Nail Trim and or Anal Glands expressed upon request for additional cost


Our grooms include the following:

  • Hair cut to breed standards or owners specifications

  • Nail Trimming

  • Gentle Massaging Hand wash with lots of TLC!

  • Ear cleaning

  • Premium shampoo

  • Designer Body Spay & Bow

  • Thorough brush-out

  • Glands expressed upon request


In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we do require all dogs to be current on their rabies, distemper combo and bordetella vaccination and have a negative fecal examination in the last 12 months. Felines must be current on their Distemper combo and Rabies vaccinations.

Any pet found to have fleas, ticks or internal parasites will be treated at the owner’s expense.



A bit about our Groomer Dana Roberts

Why did you become a groomer?

I began my grooming career through a work program at my high school (class of ’80.) I started working at a dog grooming shop getting hands on training learning the basics of brushing and bathing and then progressing into scissoring technique while also learning how to style dog according to the breed standards.

What do you love most about being a groomer?

What I love most about being a groomer is looking at a dog and altering their appearance to enhance each dog’s beauty and spending my day surrounding by my canine friends.

What sets you apart/What makes your style unique?

The way I approach the grooming process is by allowing the dogs to have breaks to give them time to rest so that they are fresh for the final part of the groom which requires for them to be standing on the table for thirty minutes or more. Some grooming establishments start and finish a dog before going to a new dog to work on. By working in assembly line fashion, all the dogs are given time for potty breaks and sleep time before they go back on the table for the finishing touches. This fragmented approach requires about the same amount of time per dog and the animal is more relaxed instead of rushed through to get to the next appointment.

What is one thing you would like clients to know?

The main thing that I would like clients to know is that I will take my time with their pet to get it comfortable with all the aspects of the grooming experience and to build a trust bond with their best friend. I take personal pride in grooming a dog starting out as a puppy and working with them through their entire life. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing my life with these dogs and making them look their best.