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Soft Tissue Surgery

Literally no bones about it


Probably the most common soft tissue surgery performed on pets is the removal of the reproductive organs, commonly referred to as spay and neuter surgeries. While these are routine procedures, we make sure that we provide exceptional care to each of these surgeries. Dr Rogers utilizes a surgical laser for almost all of her surgical procedures and this allows for a faster procedure with less hemorrhage (blood loss), and it also allows for less pain as nerves are cauterized. We also use advanced techniques for analgesia (pain control) with local nerve blocks and both oral and injectable pre and post surgical protocols for your pet.

Mass removals are another common procedure done at our hospital. All masses (or lumps and bumps) should be examined by a veterinarian to determine if they should be surgically removed or if they can be monitored. Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a mass is necessary to improve the outcome in your pet if the mass is cancerous.

Surgery is often indicated to fix congenital or breed related problems. We commonly perform surgery on brachycephalic (short faced breeds) like pugs, French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and Boston Terriers to help them breathe better with correction of stenotic nares and elongated soft palates. Your pet should not struggle to breathe, and often times we become accustomed to snorting and snoring thinking that it is “normal” for our pet, while in reality they are struggling to move air through restricted spaces. Please schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your pet specifically and what interventions can be done to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Dr Rogers also performs a variety of ocular surgeries including entropion repair, pocket imbrication of third eyelid glands, and removal of eyelid tumors with v-plasty procedures. Please call to schedule a consultation if you have specific questions about your pet and any needed surgeries so that we can discuss your pet’s needs.